Flora & Fauna in Italy

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Tuscan landscape
Tuscan landscape

As is characteristic of Mediterranean regions the vegetation of Italy consists of trees such as the olive, orange, lemon, palm, and citron; as well as fig, date, pomegranate, almond trees, sugarcane and cotton. The vegetation of the Apennines is similar to that of central Europe. Dense growths of chestnut, cypress, and oak occupy the lower slopes, and at higher elevations, there are extensive stands of pine and fir.

Italy has fewer varieties of animals and a small number of marmot, chamois, and ibex live in the Alps. The bear is now virtually extinct, but the wolf and wild boar still flourish in the mountain regions. The fox is common. Birds like the eagle hawk, vulture, buzzard, falcon, and kite; as well the quail, woodcock, partridge, and various migratory species abound in many parts of Italy. Lizards and snakes and scorpions are also found.

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